Videos & Films

Faces Become Landscape
Linda and Carolyn Dufurrena offer this appreciation of the Paiute-Shoshone elders of Fort McDermitt, Nevada. Linda and Carolyn have participated in the Deep West Videos program since its inception more than a dozen years ago.

Sheepherders With Cellphones
Carolyn and Linda Dufurrena ponder how cell phones have changed the lives of sheepherders who live with their flocks on isolated western ranges in this Deep West Video that premiered at the 2013 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Traffic Report
A meditation on driving across Nevada’s great wide open. Filmmakers Linda and Carolyn Dufurrena and their families live and ranch in the northwest corner of Nevada. This Deep West video premiered at the 25th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Making West Home: a Basque Country Journey
In this 2007 Deep West Video, Linda Dufurrena and Carolyn Dufurrena leave their Northern Nevada ranches and journey to the old country, learning about and sharing in the Basque way of life. This video premiered at the 23rd National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada.

Fifty Miles From Home
A beautiful and thoughtful exploration of both the country and the metaphysical meaning that radiates out from the Dufurrena Ranch headquarters in northwest Nevada is featured in this Deep West Video from 2005. Photographed by Linda Dufurrena with writing and narration by Carolyn Dufurrena. The video premiered at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada. There is a companion book, Fifty Miles From Home: Riding The Long Circle on a Nevada Family Ranch.

At Last
A long-awaited change in the weather is celebrated in poetry and pictures in this 2006 Deep West Video by photographer/rancher Linda Dufurrena and author/educator/rancher Carolyn Dufurrena.

All In a Day’s Play
Child’s play turns into a lesson on the ranching skills that will come in handy when the kids are grown up. By Linda and Carolyn Dufurrena. This Deep West video premiered at the 2006 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.